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Off duty officer provides aide, "well above the call of duty."
At night, on the way home from work and outside his jurisdiction, this unnamed off-duty officer stopped to lend aide, "well above the call of duty."

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[On January 16, 2020, Carl D. wrote to thank an unnamed officer who went "well above the call of duty."]

Subject: Off Duty Officer Aided Me During Hit and Run

Comment:  Officer’s Name and or Badge: Unknown. He was off duty. Lives in Hollister.

He came to my aide during a hit and run on the 101 in San Martin.  I did not get this officer’s name but he pulled over and helped me on December 13, 2019.

While I was travelling South on 101 in the center lane going 65 a car hit me from behind. The driver took off and I maneuvered the car off the road and on to the median strip where I stopped the car. It was 10:30 at night.

I could not reach my cell phone because of the pain. Cars were passing by me and not stopping. I thought I would be there forever. Then a car stops and it is this wonderful off duty San Jose officer. He sees I am alright, but need help. Calls in the accident. Then he waits with me until the CHP and the paramedics show up.

This officer went well above the call of duty.

I just wanted to thank him.

Carl D.

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