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Heartfelt appreciation for officer's helpful, compassionate and calm reassurance.
Heartfelt appreciation for Ofc. Jen Nguyen #4627, and Ofc. Grodin's #4591, incredibly helpful, compassionate and calm reassurance in a difficult situation.

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[On March 4th, 2020, Connie P. wrote with appreciation for three officer's incredibly helpful, compassionate, and calm reassurance in a difficult situation.]

Subject: Heartfelt appreciation

Comment:  This past Sunday morning my family required immediate assistance from the SJPD in the Berryessa neighborhood. I believe Officers Jen Nguyen and Officer Grodin arrived first, followed by a third officer whose name I didn’t manage to catch (and I am sorry about that.)

During a stressful incident they were incredibly helpful, compassionate, and calm. They took the time to keep us informed about their procedure while they managed/assessed things and provided follow up resources. They acknowledged the difficult situation as well as reassured us that they could come back if necessary.

I was born and raised in San Jose, and I am proud that my children are growing up here. I also wish to extend my thanks to Chief Eddie Garcia from a fellow St. Victors alumnus, class of 86.

Connie P.

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