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New App for Android and iPhone!

P3 Tips Mobile enables tipsters to submit secure and anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers.


  • Include images and video with your tips
  • Anonymous two-way dialogue
  • Real-time chat with your police department.

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Ride-Along Program

Are you interested in a law enforcement career or just curious about the job of a Police Officer?

If so then here's the opportunity you've been waiting for. You will have the opportunity to ride with a police officer.

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Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

Crime effects all of us. It can endanger our personal safety, damage public and private property, create fear and lower our quality of life.

Police and Community Partnerships create an opportunity to work together to improve the safety of our community. We do this by sharing information about neighborhood crime issues and discussing ideas and tips on how to solve and prevent them. The safety of our community is a shared responsibility and crime prevention is everybody’s business.

The San Jose Police Department has Crime Prevention Specialists assigned to your neighborhood. They are your partners in crime prevention.

Crime Prevention Specialists provide many services:

  • Liaisons
    Crime Prevention Specialists act as liaisons between the police department and the community, providing a consistent and personal point of contact.
  • Resource and Referral
    Crime Prevention Specialists are available to answer questions, provide information and give referrals to the general public regarding matters related to crime prevention and quality of life issues.
  • Speakers Bureau
    Crime Prevention Specialists provide presentations to groups covering a variety of crime prevention topics.

Crime Prevention programs and services are designed to provide you the tools you need to participate in crime prevention efforts in your neighborhood. Start building your safety toolkit today!


Central Division - District Robert Foothill Division - District William Foothill Division - District Mary Central Division - District Victor Central Division - District David Western Division - District Frank Foothill Division - District Charles Foothill Division - District Paul Western Division - District Nora Central Division - District Edward Central Division - District King Western Division - District Sam Western Division - District Lincoln Southern Division - District Tom Southern Division - District Adam Southern Division - District X-ray Southern Division - District Yellow
Click on an area of the map to send email to the Crime Prevention Specialists assigned to that area.

Central Division 
    Mimi-Cristien Nguyen  Send Email: Central Division Dist. Robert
  Monica Rueda    Dist. King/Victor
Foothill Division 
  Sandra Avila  Send Email: Foothill Division Dist. Charles/Mary
  Nancy Rueda    Dist. All
  Sandra Garcia    Dist. Paul/William
Southern Division 
  Marina Chakmakjian  Send Email: Southern Division Dist. Tom/Yellow/Xray
  Rebekah Souza  Dist. Adam/Tom
  Jorge Casillas  Dist. Yellow/Xray
Western Division 
  Marta Dominguez  Send Email: Western Division Dist. Nora/Sam
  Karina Dominguez    Dist. Frank/Lincoln
    Office: (408) 277-4133 Fax: (408) 294-1912



OUR MISSION: Create safe places to live, work, and learn through community partnerships. The Department maintains
a commitment to the following values: Integrity, Courage, Excellence, Service, Diversity, Innovation, and Respect.