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Crime Prevention Public Presentations




To schedule one of these public presentations for your community group, contact the San Jose Police - Crime Prevention Specialist assigned to your San Jose neighborhood.


The issue of bullying has become a nationwide conversation in recent years.  In order to assist local schools in the prevention of bullying and the potential associated violence the Crime Prevention Unit offers a bullying presentation.  Presentations are offered for Teachers, Students, Parents and Community groups.  Topics include, but are not limited to, roots of bullying, bullying styles, gender issues, intervention and prevention.

Business Watch

Business Watch is designed to bring business owners, community members and the police department together to deter crime in and around the business complex.  During the business watch meeting participants are given tips on how to spot suspicious activity, prevent fraud and shoplifting, and how to contact the police department.  Participants are encouraged to share problems, concerns and possible solutions.

Child Safety

The Child Safety Presentation can be geared toward adults or various ages of children.  The adult presentation focuses on the hazards children face while at home, school and play.  Some of the topics covered are:  Latch key kids, pedestrian safety, bike safety, stranger danger, and good touch/bad touch.  Parents are encouraged to discuss safety with their children and develop action plans.

Presentations given to children’s groups are age specific and include, but are not limited to, the topics listed above.

Crime Prevention Overview

The Crime Prevention Overview is designed to give a short introduction to the various services offered by the Crime Prevention Unit and the Police Department.  Topics covered include all Crime Prevention presentations and special programs with emphasis on programs which suit the needs of the audience. 

Cyberbullying/Internet Safety

The Crime Prevention Unit in conjunction with SAIU and the ICAC Task force offers a presentation on Cyberbullying and Internet Safety.  The presentation offers information to digitally connected youth on the use of digital media and social media to bully their peers.  Presentations are also available for teachers, parents, and community groups.  Cyberbullying and Internet safety can be individually presented upon request.

Drug Awareness

Drug awareness gives participants information on drug definitions, as well as possible symptoms, paraphernalia and consequences. If group size permits, participants are encouraged to share problems, concerns and discuss possible solutions.  Discussions include recent news events.  Presentations can be tailored for various age groups, Parents, Students, Teachers, and Community groups.

Environmental Design

 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED (pronounced sep-ted) is used to influence crime rates.  Studies have showed by combining security hardware, psychology, and site design, that a physical environment could be developed that would, by its very nature, discourage criminal activity.  Focusing on the design features of the projects to be built, CPTED uses foresight to determine how these projects may create incidents of crime and generate calls for police services.  CPTED is based on principles that provide systemic change and support and problem solving approaches to crime.  These proactive strategies of CPTED help us to improve the quality of life within our communities.  They are as follows:

  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Defensible / Territorial Space
  • Maintenance
  • Premise Liability Issues
Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention includes information on the most common scams and how the public can avoid becoming a victim.  Audiences are encouraged to be wary of schemes that seem too good to be true. 

Gang Awareness

The Gang Awareness presentation offers basic information on gang history in San Jose, gang lifestyle, identifiers, territory, enforcement and intervention.  Presentations are available to community groups, schools, students, teachers, and parents.

Identity Theft

Identity theft presentations offer information and prevention tips on identity theft and fraud to community groups.  Presentations provide a general overview of the issue including reporting, follow up and prevention tips.

National Night Out

National Night Out is a nation wide program sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch.  Each year on the first Tuesday in August neighbors across the country are invited to turn on their porch light and spend an evening getting to know one another.  Since 1995 CPU has invited neighbors in San Jose to participate.  Crime Prevention and other Police and City staff attend as many block parties as possible during the 5 hour event.  The Crime Prevention unit takes the local registrations online, assists residents with participation questions, prepares and routes the event list to appropriate city agencies and prepares event rosters and event packets for BFO.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program designed to organize neighbors and give them information on how to target harden their homes, vehicles and families.  Crime Prevention Specialists work closely with command staff and officers in their assigned districts to offer information and organize meetings for residents of San Jose.  Each household participating in the meeting receives a plastic N/W sign for their window.  Neighborhoods who gain Neighborhood Watch status will have metal N/W signs posted on light standards on their block.

Personal Safety

Personal Safety presentations are designed to educate the public on safety in the home, public places, the workplace, in vehicles and on public transportation.  Information can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the group.

Safety Fair

As part of our community policing efforts we respond to requests for safety/health fairs and static displays.  Literature and information on police and city services is provided for all participants.  We are also present to answer questions and hear concerns of the individuals attending the event.

Senior Security

Senior Security presentations are geared toward seniors.  The program focuses on home security, robbery prevention, fraud prevention and identity theft.  Participants are also given information on common scams directed toward seniors as well as information on identity theft and elder abuse.  The Personal Safety Presentation format and PowerPoint is used with this presentation.

Workplace Safety

The Workplace Safety Presentation is designed to give business employees personal and workplace safety tips.  Topics include, but are not limited to, safety when first opening a business, access points, personal property, dealing with difficult people and working late.  Speakers take into account the specific type of business, type of facility and business location/surroundings.  Information on field- work is also added as appropriate.  This presentation can be geared to fit any business type or size.  Workplace Safety is a good choice if a business is looking for basic safety for its employees.  The content is somewhere between a Personal Safety Presentation and a Workplace Violence Presentation.

OUR MISSION: Create safe places to live, work, and learn through community partnerships. The Department maintains
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