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Ride-Along Program

Are you interested in a law enforcement career or just curious about the job of a Police Officer?

If so then here's the opportunity you've been waiting for. You will have the opportunity to ride with a police officer.

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School Safety Zone

Team Kids Program

Team Kids
What is TEAM Kids?

School Crossing Sign

  • The TEAM Kids program allows patrol officers to visit elementary schools with 6 weekly visits to build positive relationships between the police, students, staff and parents.  The primary goal of the program is to support crime prevention and youth safety with an emphasis on gang prevention education.
  • Based on the department’s Challenges and Choices program, the curriculum development team found that a classroom size group is most effective to teach a lesson plan.  Each class visit is suggested to be 45-60 minutes, once a week, for at least six weeks.  Crime Prevention Specialists also support the program and often help facilitate classroom learning.
  • The senior grade students at the school are the target audience as they are often looked upon as leaders in the school.  However, based on the needs of the school, younger students may also be an appropriate audience.  Enlisting the groups buy-in to set a gang prevention climate can have positive ripple effects upon other students. 
  • Five Core Lessons are designed to build upon one another and include:TeamKids in the classroom
    1. Zero Tolerance
    2. Choices and Consequences
    3. Peer Pressure
    4. Bullying & Harassment Prevention
    5. Gang Prevention
  • From the above lessons, students participating in the program create a class project to share a gang prevention message to the other students at the school.   If the officer or the school have time constraints, the officer can reduce the program down to just the core lessons as needed.  If the officer and the school are able to commit a greater amount of time, core lessons can be expanded and taught over several weeks.  Additional lessons can also be adopted from the original Challenges and Choices (C2) curriculum as needed by each school.
TeamKids in the classroom
What are teachers and principals saying about the course?

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this email to inform you of the positive outcome of TEAM KIDS.  I have enjoyed having Sergeant Gary, Officer Christian, Ms. Rosana, and Ms. Mini come into my classroom these past six weeks.  They have taught my students valuable lessons that they can take with them as they transition into middle school, and hopefully even apply them as they grow older in life. 

Sergeant Gary and Officer Chris were great with the students.  They were fun, effective, and patient.  My students were engaged and excited to be a part of TEAM KIDS.  They always looked forward to Tuesday afternoons.  The students felt special and privilege to participate.  The students were able to relate to Officer Chris, being that he is Hispanic and grew up in the same neighborhood.  They loved his authentic stories growing up and truly look up to him as a role model.  Sergeant Gary, was calm and patient with the class.  He brought a calming energy to my class, where the kids felt safe and at ease.  We were grateful to have them volunteer in our class.

I hope this program continues at my school site especially because we are a high needs school.  I was fortunate to pilot the program this year, and as I stated earlier, I definitely see the lifelong benefits of this mentorship.

Thank you again for the opportunity to participate. 

5th grade teacher
Olinder School


Anne Darling Elementary 4-5th Grade Team Kids Graduation
SJPD commends Sgt. Becky Marquez and Officer Margaret Sandez for their dedication to the "Team Kids" program.

Are you an interested teacher or school principal? Click Here to fill out an interest form to request more information and learn how you can introduce the TEAM Kids program in your school.

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