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Family Violence Center

Ph:   (408) 277-3700
FAX: (408) 287-7181

Family Violence Center
1671 The Alameda
Suite #100
San Jose, CA. 95126

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Family Violence Center hours:
Walk-ins accommodated on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

By appointment Monday and Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Office: 408.277.3700
Fax:    408.287.7181



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Family Violence Center

Waiting Area PhotoWelcome to the Family Violence Centers' web site. This section of the web site was developed to provide information relating to Domestic Violence, Child and Elder Abuse, and other family related abuse issues. If you have any questions regarding any issue relating to Family Violence please do not hesitate to contact the proper authorities at once.

The experts believe that family violence is more than just physical violence. It is one person's exercise of power and control over another. Some experts believe that there is a cycle to the violence, which includes periods of remorse and reconciliation before the tension, and violence once again begins. These same experts agree, that without appropriate intervention, the violence will most certainly increase in frequency and severity.

If you are a victim of family violence, safety is the first priority for you and your children. Make a safety plan of where to go and how to get there. Family Violence Kids AreaIf you are in immediate danger, call 911 and explain to the dispatcher exactly what has happened. Whenever you believe you are in danger, leave your home and take your children. It takes courage to call for help or to leave, but it may save you and your children from a future filled with repeated violence. Always get the medical attention you need after an assault.

You may have suffered a more serious injury than you realize. Ensure the police or someone else documents your injuries. If you choose not to take legal action now, but change your mind later, you will need proof that you were assaulted. No matter what choices you make for yourself and your children, the Family Violence Center is here to help you.

Click here for more information on Reporting Domestic Violence

Family Violence Center Mission Statement

KidsThe City of San Jose has identified the instances of violence in the family as a growing problem in our society. The San Jose Police Department maintains the attitude that violent behavior in the home is considered criminal and is not to be tolerated. The Department facilitates this aggressive stance by strictly enforcing the laws meant to protect victims and their families and by utilizing the referral services provided by the community. The goal of the Family Violence Center is to address family violence issues by serving as the core for a multi-agency effort. The Family Violence Unit focuses on three areas of behavior which most often victimize the family. The investigative units specifically address domestic violence, child/elder abuse and threat management (stalking). The center is staffed by representatives of the District Attorney's Office, Adult Probation, Child Protective Services, Police Department, and a victim advocate from the YWCA of Silicon Valley. This cooperative effort provides all the support services available to victims of family violence in a safe and friendly environment.


Services Provided

  • Advocacy services for victims of domestic violence and their children, including counseling.
  • Assist in obtaining Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO)
  • Personal contact with Police Investigators who specialize in the areas of domestic violence, Child and Elderly Abuse, and Stalking
  • Personal contact with Social Workers from the Department of Family and Children's Services.
  • Referrals to 24 hour emergency shelters
  • A waiting area for children to play during visits to the Center
  • Educational program referrals for community organizations, churches, schools and businesses to inform the public about family violence

Threat Management Detail

Photo of a child consoled by a hugThe Threat Management Detail investigates violations of domestic violence restraining orders, stalking, and threats of terror. They also address the issues of work place violence.






Child and Elder Abuse Detail

Photos of people
Photos of people

The Child/Elder Abuse Detail investigates neglect, physical and emotional abuse situations. A "child" is any person under the age of 18 years. An "elder" adult is defined as anyone over the age of 64 years. A "dependent" adult is any person between 18 and 64 years old who has physical or mental limitations, which restrict their ability to carry out normal activities. Child Protective Services works closely with children to ensure their safety and that home services are provided. Adult Protective Services provides similar services to the Elderly and Dependent victims.


Domestic Violence

Photo of one woman with a hand on the shoulder of an apparent victim in need of help. The Domestic Violence Detail investigates domestic violence incidents of abuse committed against an adult or a fully emancipated minor who is the spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, former cohabitant, a person with whom the suspect has had, or is having, a child or has had a dating/engagement relationship. Same sex relationships are included. Our philosophical position is to make an arrest in every situation where legally permissible (absent exigent circumstances).

Abuse is defined as the intentional or reckless act causing or attempting to cause bodily injury to another person. This includes the placing of another person in a position of jeopardy for imminent serious bodily injury. Abusive behavior can include hitting, slapping, kicking, pushing, biting, pulling hair, striking with an object, and/or sexual assault.


OUR MISSION: Create safe places to live, work, and learn through community partnerships. The Department maintains
a commitment to the following values: Integrity, Courage, Excellence, Service, Diversity, Innovation, and Respect.