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Case: 74-216-0006

Victim: Doreen St. Germain

Location: 11th Street and Horning

Date: October 12, 1974

Doreen was a 16 year old runaway from Connecticut. She had been living in the Monterey area. She was seen in Pacific Grove on the evening of her murder. Her body was found in the street at about 10:30PM in San Jose.

Case: 79-001-0266

Victim: Michael Tipton and James Brewer

Location: 5245 Roeder Road (Stop and Go)

Date: January 1, 1979

On January 1, 1979 the clerk at the Stop and Go heard a commotion outside of the store. Shortly thereafter, Victim Brewer staggered through the door and collapsed. Victim Tipton was located sprawled on the ground, just outside of the store. Both died of apparent stab wounds.

Case: 84-241-0511

Victim: Kelly Ralston

Location: 4965 Edgar Court

Date: August 28, 1984

Victim Ralston was a 21 year old college student who was versed in martial arts. At approximately 1245 hrs, a roommate found her murdered inside of their apartment. She died of numerous wounds throughout her body. There were obvious signs of a struggle, inside of the apartment.

Case: 88-112-0545

Victim: Sonya Calzadais

Location: Highway 101 / Guadalupe River Bridge

Date: January 16, 1988

Victim Calzadias was found sprawled in the slow lanes of Highway 101 and the Guadalupe River Bridge.  At the time, her death was classified as a hit and run accident.  Approximately six months later, physical clues led police to reclassify this as a murder and start an investigation.  Calzadias died of injuries sustained when struck by a car.

Case: 89-069-0819

Victim: Cathy Zimmer

Location: Mineta San Jose International Airport

Date: March 10, 1989

On March 10, 1989 victim Zimmer was found strangled in her vehicle, parked at Mineta San Jose International Airport short term parking.  Her fully clothed body was found on the floor of her back seat.  She was last seen attending classes at San Jose State University that afternoon.

Case: 92-021-0973

Victim: Alfredo Araiza

Location: 1093 Owsley Avenue

Date: January 21, 1992

On July 6, 1997, San Jose Police responded to 1093 Owsley Ave on a report of an assault.  Upon arrival, Victim Araiza was located inside of his residence suffering from a gunshot wound.  He had previously run into the residence holding his chest, stating he had been shot.  He was transported to a local hospital and later expired.

Case: 93-023-1616

Victim: Faustino Aguirre

Location: 1137 McGinnes Ave

Date: January 23, 1993

On January 23, 1993, San Jose Police responded to 1137 McGinnes Ave (Del Rio Club) on a report of a shooting.  Upon arrival, Victim Aguirre was found outside of the club with a gunshot wound to the chest.  He later died of his wound at a local hospital.

Case: 93-276-0267

Victim: Roland Allen Rivera

Location: 2958 Archwood Circle

Date: October 3, 1993

On October 3, 1993, police were called to the above address on a report of a person shot. Upon arrival, victim Rivera was located dead from gunshot wounds, in front of his porch. Rivera was at home and had stepped out to investigate some noises outside of his residence. Witnesses heard him speaking with another individual prior to the shooting.

Case: 95-123-1032

Victim: Raymond Galentine

Location: 745 Dailey Avenue

Date: May 3, 1995

On May 3, 1995, San Jose Police responded to a possible burglary in progress at 745 Dailey Avenue. Upon arrival, officers located victim Galentine's body inside of the residence, dead from an apparent gunshot wound. His vehicle was missing from the driveway of the residence and later located at Eastridge shopping mall.

Case: 97-187-1494

Victim: Gabriel Alvarado

Location: 198 S King Rd

Date: July 6, 1997

On July 6, 1997, Alvarado was eating at the El Grullense restaurant. A group of youths carrying baseball bats and throwing bottles walked through the parking lot, looking for another group. A fight ensued and Alvarado was stabbed in the back. Alvardo died at a local hospital. Police spoke to several individuals who were present at the fight, but received little cooperation at the time.

Case: 97-356-1074

Victim: Fatima Davenport

Location: 1517 Shasta Ave (In front of residence)

Date: December 22, 1997

On December 22, 1997, San Jose Police responded to a report of a person lying on the ground in front of 1517 Shasta Ave. Upon arrival, the victim was located face down on the ground, suffering trauma from a bladed object. Davenport had been a caretaker to the residents of the address where she was killed.

Case: 01-126-1425

Victim: Loi Minh Troung

Location: 2874 Alum Rock Ave

Date: May 6, 2001

On May 6, 2001 police responded to a report of a shooting and found victim Truong dead at the scene. Truong had been shot as he was closing his business. He owned the business for approximately 10 years, prior to his demise. A vehicle similar to an early 1990's Nissan 240SX was seen leaving the scene.

Case: 03-109-0320

Victim: April Marie Sanchez

Location: Side of road near Phelan / Roberts

Date: April 19, 2003

On April 19, 2003, the partially clothed body of victim Sanchez was found on a creek bank near Phelan and Roberts Ave by a man walking his dog. She was last seen walking in the area of Keys and S 6th Street several hours earlier, wearing a backpack.. Victim Sanchez was 16 years old at the time of her passing.

Case: 03-327-0567

Victim: Maricela Alvarez

Location: Hellyer Ave / Highway 101

Date: November 23, 2003

On November 23, 2003 a Santa Clara County Park Ranger stopped to investigate a white sedan parked on Hellyer Ave, south of Highway 101. As he approached the vehicle he saw victim Alvarez bleeding from several gun shot wounds. She was taken to a local hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Case: 15-206-1042

Victim: Christopher Tomas Keil

Location: 1300 block of Sunbeam Circle

Date: July 25th, 2015

On Saturday, July 25, 2015, at approximately 11:16 p.m., San Jose Police officers responded to the 1300 block of Sunbeam Circle on a person shot. Preliminary investigation revealed the victim was talking with other people on the driveway of a residence. A light colored compact vehicle pulled up next to them.

The passenger, Suspect #1, exited the vehicle, asked the victim if he was in a gang. The victim denied being in a gang and the suspect shot the victim. The suspect got back in the vehicle and fled the scene with Suspect #2 driving.

The victim was transported to a local hospital where he died a short time later. The suspects have not been identified or apprehended.

See the Press Release.

Suspect sketch
Suspect Sketch
suspect vehicle
Suspect Vehicle

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