San Jose Police Department Use of Force Analysis

The San Jose Police Department seeks to enhance the public trust by making comprehensive Use-of-Force data available to the public.  The Department has made this data available since January 2018 on our public web site.  We contract with Police Strategies LLC to analyze our Use-of-Force data and make it available in two distinct formats: written reports and interactive dashboards.

Written Use-of-Force Analysis Reports:
The Department seeks to publish a written report from Police Strategies LLC on an annual basis.  The first report which was published in January of 2018 analyzed data from 1/1/2015-6/30/2017.  Our second report was published in January of 2019 and covered data from 1/1/2015-6/30/2018.  In March of 2020 the third report extended the analysis to the end of 2018.  Going forward the Department intends to publish the annual report during the second quarter of each calendar year to include the entirety of the previous calendar year.  The following links will take the reader to each of the Department’s published reports.

Interactive Dashboards:
The Department maintains interactive dashboards (below) that allow the user to peruse our Use-of-Force data going back to January of 2015.  Unlike the annual reports, the dashboards are updated on a quarterly basis.  The dashboards use maps, charts, and graphs to present Use-of-Force data in a format that can be filtered by single or multiple data fields.

Protest Use of Force Data Coming Soon:

This interactive dashboard is current through June 2020 but does not yet include police force related to the protest events of May and June.  That data is of such great interest to the Community and the Department that we have chosen to present it in a stand-alone dashboard.  This will allow site visitors to review, filter, and comprehend the force used during that period without it being skewed by data from non-protest related policing events.  The protest related force dashboard is under production and will be posted here when it is complete.

For additional information, please contact the SJPD Research and Development Unit at 408-277-5200. 

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