Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Deployments


Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS):
A system that includes the necessary equipment, network, and personnel to control an unmanned aircraft.

Unmanned Aircraft (UA) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV):
An aircraft that is intended to navigate in the air without an on-board pilot. Also, alternatively called Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), or Drone.


Flight Log:

The San Jose Police Department currently operates a UAS for use in law enforcement incidents.  In a spirit of openness and transparency, the Department is posting this list of UAS deployments which includes the date, location and purpose for each operational deployment.

NOTE:  Training flights are not included in this list.



Date Case# Duration Location Details
09/12/2019 19-255-0081 40 min. San Martin Aerial overwatch for high risk warrant
10/03/2019 19-276-0581 17 min. Tully Rd/Capitol Ave Assisting ground team in search for escaped prisoner
10/03/2019 19-276-0851 19 min. Tully Rd/Capitol Ave Assisting ground team in search for escaped prisoner
02/07/2020 20-038-0095 30 min. Virginia Ave/Sunset Ave Aerial overwatch on high risk search warrant
02/12/2020 20-043-0368 30 min. Vista Dr/Tully Rd Aerial overwatch during barricade
02/28/2020 20-059-0088 10 min. Silcreek Dr/Alum Rock Ave Aerial overwatch for high risk warrant
04/13/2020 20-104-0399 60 min. Redbud Ct. Searching for at-risk missing person
04/14/2020 20-105-0336 30 min. Sunnycrest Cir. Searching for at-risk missing person
05/04/2020 20-125-0160 60 min. S. 6th Street Arial overwatch on a burglary / assualt investigation
05/04/2020 20-125-0335 45 min. Santa Theresa Co. Park Searching for at-risk missing person
06/18//2020 20-170-0024 20 min. Senter Rd/San Gregario Way Aerial overwatch during hostage/barricade
06/24/2020 20-176-0102 30 min. Berryessa/Salt Lake Dr. Aerial overwatch during search warrant
06/04/2020 20-186-0043 1.5 hrs. Alum Rock Park Searching for missing person
07/23/2020 20-205-0154 60 min. 200 Block Senter Rd. Search warrant - overwatch & perimeter security
07/30/2020 20-211-0118 60 min. 10300 Block Claton Rd. Search warrant - overwatch on large property
08/15/2020 20-228-0511 130 min.
Winchester/Stevens Creek
Aerial overwatch for protest
49 min.
Aerial overwatch during barricade
09/03/2020 20-247-0142 60 min. 2700 Block Matthias Court Homicide suspect apprehension and Search Warrant
09/15/2020 20-252-0127 60 min. 2500 Block Vista Verde Drive High Risk Search Warrant
09/08/2020 20-259-0589 60 min. 1600 Block South 7th St. Overwatch for large property Search Warrant
09/30/2020 20-274-0195 60 min. 2900 Block Sherbrooke Aerial overwatch for high risk Search Warrant
10/01/2020 20-275-0130 60 min. 1500 Block Wabash Aerial overwatch for high risk Search Warrant
10/02/2020 20-275-0343 240 min. Stevens Creek/Winchester Aerial overwatch during a planned protest
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