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Reporting Bicycle Theft

Reporting Bicycle Theft

The theft of unattended bicycles or bicycles taken from an open garage may be reported via the telephone by contacting the San Jose Police Department’s Telephone Report Automation Center (TRAC) by calling 311 or (408) 277-8900. Cellular callers may need to dial (408) 277-8900. Cases of simple bicycle theft may also be reported online via the following link. Online crime reports

Please have the following information available:

  • The bicycle’s serial number
  • Bicycle make and model
  • Bicycle license number
  • other unique identifiers

These details are essential for successful identification and recovery of stolen bicycles.

Recovered Bicycles

If you have located what you believe is an abandoned bicycle that is not on private property, you may report it via the telephone by calling the San Jose Department of Transportation (DOT) Dispatch Office (408) 794-1900, or by email to

The Department of Transportation will schedule the bicycle collection and deliver it to the San Jose Police Department warehouse, usually within 5 business days.

Recovered bicycles’ serial numbers are compared with bicycles reported as lost or stolen in the NCIC database of stolen articles. NCIC is used by police agencies throughout the country to report stolen articles. If a stolen entry is found, the law enforcement agency that reported the stolen item is notified of its recovery and the agency will notify the owner.


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